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Nail Lamps: Everything You Need to Know

Nail lamps are devices used in the field of nail care and nail art, primarily for curing or drying nail polish, gel polish, gel...

Eyelash Extensions: A Starter Guide

Hey there, fellow salon and spa owners! Welcome to the world of eyelash extensions, where we'll help you discover the perfect lashes for your...

Eyelash Extensions: How to Choose the One

Eyelash extensions are the secret weapon to achieving those stunning, fluttery lashes without the hassle of mascara or falsies. In this detailed guide, we'll...

How to Choose the Perfect Barber Chair

Are you thinking about upgrading your salon and adding a new barber chair to your equipment? Selecting the right barber chair is essential for...

Styling Chair Types: All You Need to Know

When it comes to choosing a styling chair for your salon, you'll discover a wide array of options in the market. Each type of...

How To Waxing Like A Pro

As a spa worker about to embark on the art of waxing, you're in for a rewarding journey of helping clients achieve smooth, hair-free...

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